Is Vanessa Hudgens a cultural Appropriater?

Recently, Vanessa Hudgens came under fire for wearing a dream catcher as a hair accessory.The dream catcher is a very big part of the Native American culture. Immediately Vanessa Hudgens was attacked on social media, and called thoughtless, racist, and a dumb ho. However, many also came to Vanessa’s defense. Vanessa is actually half Native American and therefore she can wear whatever native American headgear she wants to. This is a very complicated issue. Cultural Appropriation is essentially the borrowing and taking that a dominant culture takes from the less dominant. Many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Pharrel, and Justin Bieber have all been called out for Cultural appropriation. now does that mean these artist are terrible people and therefore should be stoned to death. No, it means that they like all of us really do not know about each other. Yea the dot that Indian girls wear is cute and fashionable but it actually has specific meaning to that culture. Yes dreads can be fun, and trendy but there is a religious aspect to them. In Miss Hudgens case the situation is vastly different. Is Miss Hudgens appropriating American Culture? In my opinion she is not, she is part native American and she probably was trying to celebrate that part of her Culture. Miss Hudgens crime is that although she may have been celebrating her Native American ancestry , she did it the wrong way. She should have done her damn  research about why the dream catcher is so important to her heritage and not have worn it around like a cheap hair accessory. so no Miss Hudgens did not appropriate her own culture, however she failed to do the research to better represent it.


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