Orlando: Two Weeks later and we still getting it Wrong

It was two weeks ago, that the United States suffered the greatest mass shooting in all of Our nations history. Since, then instead of us coming together we instead are making drastically terrible mistakes.The shooter personal life has been picked apart like a vulture picks apart a a dead antelope. Instead of looking at the warning signs that everyone clearly missed(history of domestic violence,being diagnosed with bipolar disorder,his volatile relationship with his father, and finally the fact that he was closeted) everyone wants to ignore that and start trying to promote their own warped agenda. As usual Donald Trump, and Stacey Dash immediately came for President Obama, like two ugly bitches who got rejected for the prom. Accusing him of downplaying the tragic event by not using Radical Islam as if him saying that was going to magically make ISIS disappear. What is most sad is the extremist Christian views that have entered into the conversation. Pastor Roger Jimenez even posted a video of himself saying to the congregation saying that the shooter did not get the job done, and that they all should be lined up and shot. Instead of seeing the variety of his hurtful actions he instead tried to justify his actions saying that he would not kill them personally but he was happy they are dead. Bihh bye. Another appalling thing is Governor rick Scott and the do not go to work Senator Marco Rubio want to suddenly be  allies to the LGBT community. This is the most offensive because these two and the rest of the GOP wants to suddenly be on board with gay rights while before they were trying to force gay people back in the closet. Mr. Rubio even said one of his main priorities is to nominate supreme court judges who would repeal the gay marriage ruling. They also conveniently ignore the fact that this was a hate crime. They instead continue to blame Muslims, and spout there racist and offensive bullshit while they can’t even vote for common sense gun laws. This was a hate crime. Yes the shooter was probably gay, however he drove 42 miles past notable straight clubs, to this gay club which has been a pillar of the gay community on Latin night the biggest night of Orlando pride. This was clearly a hate crime. This is clearly a case of homophobia. This is clearly a case of the failure of gun laws.Finally, I have to come after social media. While there were many people who spoke up against the attack and the blatant homophobic response to it. I find it ironic many can go on social media and be quick to talk  about how fat Chloe Gratz Moretz or Ariel Winter have gotten but don’t say shit about this tragedy. I also find it even more ironic when people who claim on there Instagram pages they are warriors for Justice blatantly ignore the killing of LGBT people of color because they are not straight. What bothers me the most is that many with pictures of the bible and pictures of quotes about love put the most disgusting anti-christian things on insta, and snap chat. messages like”good riddance” and “death to all sodomites” appeared all over social media. Now you can not like gay marriage, or you can not fully understand being gay. However, these people were kids, parents, allies, friends, lawyers. These people were going to go on to do amazing things. I do not say this very often but all y’all who said this bullshit I hope all y’all go straight to hell. Two weeks America two weeks and we still ain’t got shit right.


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