The problem with #Heterosexual Pride Day

It seems like everyday I am constantly reminded why I do not go onto social media. I looked and I saw the hashtag #Heterosexual pride day was trending. Thinking it was a joke i looked to see what all the fuss was about.I knew instantly I had made the right call by staying away from social media.There were dumb ass people saying that it was not far that gay people had a pride day and straight people do not. Pause, sorry I was laughing myself to tears OK lets continue. What these people do not realize is that is mocking the LGBT community, and that straight people should be thankful they do not need a pride day. There is not Heterosexual pride day because everyday is Heterosexual pride day. Straight people do not have to worry about getting  attacked if they hold their loved ones hand. They do not have to worry about being kicked out of their home because they are straight.Straight people do not have to go to court to adopt a child because they are straight.  A gunman did not drive over 40 miles to a straight club and shoot 49 people just for the  sole purpose of being straight. These people are so petty they do not realize that gay pride is for straight people to. It’s for straight and gay people to come together and learn about the contributions that gay people have made to this country. It’s for straight people to engage and appreciate gay culture along with gay people. Now many are saying that gay people are hating and they are hetorphobic. that is not the case. If John wants to proclaim that he love Stacey that is perfectly Ok. However, what is not OK is sitting there and acting like being gay is the easiest thing in the world. It’s time for some of y’all to pull your blinders off and see why there is such a thing as gay pride. It’s the same reason why there is a Black History Month, a Hispanic Heritage Month, and a Asian History Month,and a Native American history Month. It’s so we all can learn about each other. It is highly offensive and ridiculous when people say why there is not a white history month, or an international men’s day. Because, every month is white history month, and everyday is International men’s day.Just because other people are celebrated and giving the recognition they deserve does not mean White straight males are evil, or need to be destroyed or yelled at. It’s just like when someone says black,Asian,Hispanic, and Arab girls rock does not mean white girls do not rock. It means for along time minority women have been on the back burner and are finally saying we are just as good as the white girls.Having gay pride does not mean straight people cannot express there love for there significant other of the opposite sex. What really bothers me quiet frankly is that this hashtag was created as a direct diss towards the gay community. These trolls are acting like straight people are getting discriminated against because gay people are just getting into the door. Straight people have always been welcomed into gay spaces. Most of my friends are straight women who I love dearly. However, when you try to justify why there should be a White history month, an international Men’s day, and a heterosexual pride day you fit in the asshole category. I think there should be a heterosexual pride day when a 49 straight people are shot in a straight club, when there are 260 bills aimed at the straight community, when a woman from  Kentucky tries to deny the right to marriage between a straight couple, and when being straight is illegal in 70 countries. Then I will pick up a flag and march with you.


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