The 4 of July, Alton Sterling, and where we America go from here.

Monday I woke up especially excited for the day ahead. I was excited for my favorite holiday The Fourth of July. I have always loved the Fourth of July. It was not just for the barbecues and the beach either. Although that was one of the upsides to the holiday. I like the Fourth of July because that was one day I saw that we as Americans from all races, religions, political beliefs could come together. I did not know how unique me being a black millennial is was until I would go downtown Jacksonville and see real diversity. my generation is fortunate enough to have grown up and saw people that looked like me on T.V. I also was grateful enough to see people from different races in my classroom and also on my T.V. I even realized that my white friends and classmates actually had more in common than we thought. It also seemed like everyone’s differences were respected. I also celebrate the fourth because I believe in this country, and I know this county can do good and be good. However, when I saw that video of Alton Sterling laid out on the ground by two police officers it literally broke my heart. It broke my heart to watch the press conference and I saw his son crying and unable to even stand up. This is not the America I want to see. This is not who we as American people are. I am sick of this shit happening. i am sick of going on social media and seeing nothing but arguing and ignorant terrible comments. No not all black people are thugs who only want a government hand out, and no saying death to all white people and targeting people in interracial relationships will not fix the problem. It makes the problem larger, and creates a separate problem down the road.It seems like ever since the terrorist attack in Paris it has been one damn thing after another. If it aint police brutality it’s gang violence, homegrown terrorist trying to blow people up, mass shootings at colleges, churches, and high schools, rapist getting only six months in prison, no respect for nature and wildlife, and cowards hiding behind religion to force people back in the closets. There is no win win situation anymore these days. I have three police officers I know who are good cops. They are just as heartbroken as I am. They worry that many people will be afraid of them, and that the trust they have worked so hard to build will eventually be gone. We are living in dangerous times America. I don’t know what is happening. This country is literally on the verge of tearing itself apart. Everyone expects my generation to somehow magically fix all these problem. I don’t know how we will but I do believe that we are the generation to start this change. However, it will take at least five generations after us to really make change. However, I  took the first step forward as of Yesterday. I immediately texted my friends and told them I loved them and why i loved them. I especially told my white friends I loved them cause that”s what the enemy wants. they want to divide and counquer and I will not let that happen.My friend who is white and who I have known for years called me and asked was I OK. That was very important to me cause around this time her dad died of a heart attack around this time and I called her and asked was she Ok. No way in hell I”m letting a friend like that go. This world is so full of hate it is time for us to love each other and demand change. I will from here on out stop talking about trolls like Stacey Dash, Azelia Banks,Bill O’Reilly, and of course Donald Trump.i made a post saying why heterosexual pride day bothered me so much. That will be my last post about such pettiness. i am officially done I am done giving these trolls anymore air time and anymore room for them to be glad they ruffled my feathers. Like President Obama said to the Howard graduating class “let that fool talk”. That is there first amendment to say their bullshit however it is also my first amendment right to say I am not gone give you the time of day, and you are irrelevant to me. Next I will do my duty and go out and vote in November. there is no need to make America great again. American never stopped being Great Mr Trump. America is by far not perfect but it is a better country than it was when my grandparents were my age. America has seen it’s ups and downs and we are down but we are not out. So I am going to need you Mr Trump, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and all them other asses in Washington who cannot even pass common sense laws to pack up your bags and be ready for this eviction notice aka my vote. this is where we are America and I am tired, scared, disappointed, and unsure. I am sure that we can do better, and it will change. I see the rainbow coming our way. Let us get to it.


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