What Dallas made me realize about myself and Others around Me

By now all of you have heard about what happened Friday July 8th.When Micah Johnson a  25 yr old black man who served in the military ambushed 11 officers while they were watching over the black lives matter protesters. I was in shock as I heard the stories about how the police officers were shielding the protesters and that five officers ultimately lost their life. That day I cried all morning. I was sad, hurt, and angry that it has come to this. However, when I got up and dried my tears I then turned back to the news. When I heard the stories about the police officers who saved the black mother who was shot in the leg. The police officer who used his body to cover the black photographer sent out to take pictures of the events. It was all very heartbreaking to hear all the details. However, when I learned the shooter’s reasons for the shooting it not only broke my heart, it made me break down. I broke down because it has come to this. I broke down because this man not only added to the problem, he also created a separate problem. I broke down because I saw the press conference where police chief David Brown where he seemed torn. He was torn because he knows the anguish and fear that exist in the African American community when dealing with the police. He also knows that his police force was doing wonders in the city of Dallas. He knows that five of his best men are gone and there are still no solutions. Yes last was devastating. However, looking at the circumstances i see the entire situation in a new light.The two police shootings which tragically ended the life of Alton Sterling, and Philandro Castille showed that there are in deed a few bad apples in law enforcement. They showed that racism still exist, and that although we have come along way, we still have a view mountains to climb. The shooting in Dallas showed that there are many good cops.That when it was time to leap into action they did. That even though they probably was scared they still did what they were supposed to do. They are there to protect and to serve!! It goes back to what I have been saying all along. My enemy is not the police or white people. My enemy is hate and ignorance. Those two have been the biggest culprits in all of human history. They both seem to be coming from all sides now. I cringe when I see people say that the Dallas shooter was a hero, and that what he did was admirable. It makes me angry when I see facebook post where people say they are going to kill as many white people as possible, and especially people who are in interracial marriages. It makes me mad because these people do not realize is that the shooters actions have ultimately pushed us all back. That he has made more officers more jumpy, and not only that he targeted the good police officers. It also makes me upset when I see people blame black lives matter. The shooter was not apart of black lives matter. He even proclaimed that he did not like black lives matter. The organization has condemned the attacks and has even praised the actions of the five police officers. When you go to a black lives matter event you not only see black people you see other races there to. You see people who are demanding a change and will not back down and go anywhere. Thats what black lives matter is all about. Cause a win for one is a win for all. So Rudy Giuliani you can go kiss it bitch. I do not know where we go from here to be honest. I know there has to be a better reform for the police. There is a police academy at FSCJ and i pray they are all teaching those kids the right tactics. I also noticed that the word some has been missing from this debate. Some police officers are bad, some police shootings are justified, sometimes it is justified to be angry. These phrases are what is missing form the national debate that is happening. I also see that if you are pro black you have to be pro cop. That is bullshit I am both pro black and pro cop. The two are not mutually exclusive. I have tremendous respect for law enforcement. When there is a terrorist attack, or a mass shooting that is the police that is coming in there to get everything under control.However, if I am ever stopped by the police that does not mean i will not be scared so much I shit in my pants. I pray that we never have a week like last week. I pray we can heal. I pray we can get this situated so we can focus on other problems. I pray that the America i believe is not just a dream it becomes a reality. 


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