No Jennifer Lopez is not a Racist

When i sashed into my job I immediately logged onto the computer to look at my daily celebrity news. I saw that many people were mad when my favorite fly girl Jennifer Lopez was trending. She had posted a picture of her new single with Hamilton star Linmanuel Miranda. The new single is a charity single for the victims of the pulse night club shooting which resulted in the death of 49 people most who were Latino and identified as LGBT. Above the picture of her and Lin is the caption #Alllivesmatter and #LoveMakeTheWorldGoRound. Immediately Miss Lopez was being called a sellout, and accused of trying to undermine the problems that African-Americans face in this country. That is utter bullshit.The song was made and dedicated to the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting many of who where queer people of color, and to the latino LGBT community. The problem is is that for the last year or so #AllLivesmatter has been used to undermine people who say #blacklivesmatter. That constant trolling that people who say All lives matter does has made people very sensitive to anyone who uses it. That and the shooting of two black men at the hands of police, and the shooting of five white cops at the hands of a black military veteran has made race relations very high.That and issues such as cultural appropriation and sellinout has ultimately made everyone very on edge. Now back to Jennifer Lopez who I actual feel bad for. I really do not believe she sent that tweet herself, although this should be a lesson learned from now on to eternity. A better caption would have been #LGBTPOCLIVESMATTER or #latinogayandproud. She is not the only one who have gotten into trouble using All lives matter. Keke Palmer, and Apryl Jones, and Bobby Valentino have also gotten into hot water using the hashtag. That does not mean they were trolling either. Keke and Apryl were bringing up the issue that black women and black lgbt people and other minorities voices are not being heard enough as straight black men. Those are valid concerns however they should have used a different hashtag. So bottom line is that Jennifer Lopez was not being racist, or sellingout, she was brining attention to a cause that needed to be brought attention to. However, when race realtions are extremely high and everyone has an opinion be very careful about what you put on social media Jen. i still love you and still a huge fan but be extremely careful.


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