What we all could learn from a Stray Dog!

Last Wednesday I came home from college to find a cute little stray puppy sitting on my doorstep. i did not know where he came from and to be honest i really wanted him to go away. However, my heart was instantly changed.Although I did call the animal rescue mission I still liked to see the little fella come running up to the porch.i loved when he would bark as he ran up to me when I filled a bowl with cold water for him. I rejoiced when he would follow me as I took the trash out. I was gleeful when he would jump on me. I was sad when he was picked up and taken to his new home. Although I did not want him, nor did I understand how he found his way into my backyard I ultimately cared about his well being. I had empathy. Yass empathy it is a word many do not use anymore. In this day and age it seems that we have forgotten how to empathize and understand each other. We have forgotten that even though we may not understand each other’s ways we can still work together , laugh together, and build a new world together. Cause just like when my little furry friend left, soon we all will not be here. I guarantee you will be sad that your time with your different friend was cut short. So let shave empathy people, and stop all the bullshit that I see dividing us all.


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