Why I cannot stay Home on Election Night!

I cannot and I refuse to stay home on election night. I already knew i was going to be voting come November, however after watching the Republican Convention last night I know it is a necessity to go out and vote. I was appalled when I saw that Rudy Guiliani was using that big ass mouth of his to state untrue facts, and not only criticize President Obama but to also manage to offend millions of Muslims, and black people, and quite frankly police officers. Saying radical Islamic terrorism when there is a terrorist attack is not going to fix anything. Especially when no one says terrorism when a white man walks into a black church, an elementary school, a planned parenthood clinic and shoots everyone to death. Also Mr. Guiliani has ignored that there have been millions of attacks on Muslim Americans who when they hear a politician say radical Islamic terrorism they cringe for they know that they will be subjected to harrasment for the next few month. I was stunned when I saw Sherrif David Clarke get his narrow ass on stage and say Blue Lives Matter.Yes the police killings in Dallas and in baton Rougue are horrible. Yes they have broke my heart, and I think they are senseless and have added to the problem. However, do not sit there and act like these killings and the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille   have nothing to do with each other. They do and when everyone realizes that then we can began to heal. I also was extremely mad when I saw soap star Antonio Sabato Jr talking to ABC news. He said that he knew Obama was a Muslim, and that he cannot be a Christian. He also said that Obama is not a christian name, and that he does not come for a christian background. Not only is this extremely racist,an completely false it also goes to show that many people are scared to have a Muslim president. It does not matter what religion you are or race or sex or who you decide to fuck at night. As-long as you can lead and that is what President Obama has done then you are OK with me. At the end of his terrible rant saying that he has a right to say this. You are right you have a right to say that and I have a right to no longer support you. Then I looked at what the republican parties platform is and it is enough to make clutch my pearls. It is one of the most conservative platforms ever. They plan on outlawing gay marriage and making gay adoption illegal in all states, and are rooting for discrimination to LGBT people based on  religous freedom. Then they want to outlaw abortion under any circumstance. So if I have a daughter and she is raped and becomes pregnant they would rather she go through the emotional toil of having a baby by someone who violated her and then in some cases the rapist can have claims to the baby. Can someone please say What the Fuck?! I cannot believe I am saying this but maybe Trump has it partially right. It is time to Make America great period. Not again, not like it use to be but make it where America should be. Make it where I should not be scared that in November I will wake up and see that a group of racist,sexiest, and homophobic people have taken over and will harm me and the other’s I love. So while this is my first time voting this is also a necessity. I dont care what no one says YOUR VOTE MOST DEFINITELY COUNTS. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE PLEASE DO NOT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is time we as a nation a Nation made up of different people from different experiences, and different likes, and taste of music, movies, and clothes to take our country back and to finally right all these wrongs so three decades from now we do not have a Rudy Guiliani, and David Clarke, and a Donald.


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