Emmy Nominations and where TV is going



There has been so much negativity in the news lately, is so disappointing and depressing.I almost forgot that the annual Emmy Awards were coming up.Unlike the Academy Awards(which I also love but was disappointed when I did not see no diversity), the Emmy this year was completely diversified. I was glad to see black, Middle Eastern, Indian people being recognized. I was glad when I saw my favorite funny women getting the same props as there male costars. I even liked seeing my favorite drama series getting a nod even though some of these endings were completely weird(American Horror Story anyone). I am glad that tv is going in the right direction, and I hope it continues this way. So starting next Monday I will be blogging about where TV is going, and what i miss about the TV shows I grew up watching as a kid. I will also talk about daytime talk shows which i think do not get the recognition as there prime time counterparts. I will examine what full diversity means, and why there is such a great need for it. I also will reveal next Thursday where I want to be in my future television career. Having said all that I cannot wait to see who walks away with the Emmy multicolored statue.


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