Why there is a need for better Children’s TV programming.

Starting last Monday, I along with most of America began watching the Republican political convention. I sat for thirty minutes(it was all I could take people)and I listened to the most offensive, angry, and downright-stupid rhetoric i had ever seen.If it was not victim-blaming, or trying to lock someone up it was a potential first lady reading a speech that was completely plagiarized. I thought i was loosing my mind. Then starting Monday I was essentially healed when I was watching the Democratic convention.I was beaming when Michelle Obama got up on that podium and proclaimed why she supports Hillary Clinton. She also gave testament that hard work does pay off,and that it is better to aim high when others go low. I am going to miss that soulful sistah in the White House. I also was moved by the theme which was the children. Almost every speaker was asking if a bully like Trump becomes President then what do you tell your children. It was also around this time that I was taking a trip down memory lane. I was binge-watching all of my favorite kids shows like Recess,Ed Edd n Eddy, Code Lyoko etc. I soon realized that these shows were not just for entertainment. This shows actually were teaching me a lesson. I love super heroes. I was excited when I found The Justice League the animated series. however, now I look at it with a much mature set of eyes. I see how Superman may be the leader, but that does not mean he does not need help once in a while. I see how Batman does come off as moody, but then again his parents were taken from him when he was eight. The Martian man hunter has lost his whole family, and ultimately his own group of people to a violent alien invasion. He does not let that hold him back from embracing his new family. Hawk girl is aggressive, and compulsive, but she stands up for herself and those she loves even when it goes against everything she has been taught. John Smith my brutha largely cares about Justice, having come from a minority community he always strives for perfection and detest when he screws up. He does screw up, and he knows his friends will have his back! Wonder Woman (my favorite) is a feminist Icon. She feels guilty about disobeying her mother, however she does not apologize for making her own choices. I also found the Xmen animated series. Now if you know me you know I love me some marvel Comics.The X men rock. I was instantly shocked that I did not catch the themes of the show when I was younger like I do now. The X men and other mutants are being persecuted for being different. There are fear mongering politicians such as Senator Kelly who are trying to eliminate them. This has lead to a militant group of mutant sled by Magneto who want to destroy humans before they destroy us. The X men are being led by Professor Xavier who wants mutants and humans to live together. He also states that there are good humans, and there are bad mutants, and there are good mutants, and bad humans. Why am I telling you all this. Well is it not obvious. both of these shows mirror what is happening in today’s society. The fact that the harmful, and completely destructive rhetoric that is being spouted like everyday language is extremely disappointing. When issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and terrorism have again reinterpreted into our society it is time to be vigilant. One way to cure these wounds is to have better children’s programming. I am disappointed with what is on Disney Channel, Nick, and cartoon Network. Shows like Uncle Grandpa with it’s offensive and downright stupidity, and Dog with a Blog with it’s tired stereotypes and formulas is all that today’s youth are being exposed to. When I was young I had Lizzie Mcguire , Proud Family. American Dragon,Power puff Girls, Static Shock. Where are all these shows. These shows were not only entertaining they were educational. I learned from Kim Possible that it is OK to have a strong female lead be your bff, and that even though Ron is a goof at times he is not less of a man, he is being himself. I learned from Raven and Corey that there are may ways of being black, and that siblings really do have your back. I learned from Kids Next Door that kids do have a say, and do care about the world around them. Lilo and Stitch ¬†introduced me to a culture I had no idea about, along with American Dragon Jake long, and Saguwa. Dragon Tales gave me magic, and Clifford made me see that animals do have feelings. These are the shows our kids need and deserve. These are the shows that will help diversify us as a nation. Let us do right by our kids please. In an age where racism, terrorism, homophobia, and sexism is prevalent in our society, and everywhere you see there is hate, and meanness, and divisiveness it is time we show kids the world that I was shown. That world where all colors are united EQUALLY and under the American flag. Where there are different ideas, as long as it does not harm anyone or offend anyone. That is what our kids should be watching. We need more Xmen and Justice League. So Disney, Cartoon Network, nickelodeon if you all do not take up this challenge I will.


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