What True Diversity is?

Ever since August of last year. the word Diversity has been mentioned from the media, to the backrooms of movie executives, to the doctors office. Diversity is very important to the survival of a society. Diversity includes change. to go on one must essentially change. However, when I hear discussions concerning diversity, it is really a one sided diversity. Diversity is more than having one Asian male on a show, or two black liberals on CNN. Diversity includes everyone. i would like to see a show where the lead character was a black conservative living in a liberal world. I would like to see an Asian trans gendered person in the media. I would like to see a story about a Mexican blind person. See that is what true diversity. True diversity defeats the monolithic view we put on people. Not all black people are democrats, who are deeply religious,and crave hot sauce. There is nothing wrong with those things but the are black people who do things differently. I would also like to see Muslim people more into the media. The good and the bad. Yes stories involving a Muslim terrorist are important, but there are so much more. What about the Muslim girl from Pakistani who is not deeply religious while her older sister is. What about the Muslim boy who dates a Jewish boy. These stories exist and they should be heard, and made. Even stories about race need to be down Little different. What about the black girl who dates the tall Asian hockey player?What about the white boy who is treated with hostility by his Cuban boyfriends father?What about the older black boss being rude to his Muslim employee. This is true diversity. I would also like to add diversity includes white people. It is time we got rid of some of these stereotypes that we have put on other’s and ourselves. So Hollywood take notice. Maybe I should move there and help bring you all these stories. What do you all think?


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