What I am going to miss about the last eight years

January 2009, I a bright thirteen year old student of St. Patrick’s Catholic School sat and watched along with my diverse class of sixth graders a bright young couple get inaugurated in the White house. This was groundbreaking. On the poster of all the presidents that America has had I could finally see a president that looked like me. However, it was not the fact that Obama looked like me which decided if I liked him or not.It was the fact that this man had integrity. Him and his wife had talent,love for this country, and the essence of what America can be. Through these eight years I have seen President Obama battle many things. I seen him battle not only a terrorist organization, and foreign tricksters, I have seen a Congress who disrespects him, radio shows host who split false lies and aligations, black people who say he is to soft not black enough, an uncle tom, and some white people who still think he is a Muslim. Hoever,  I am happy to see that he never let them haters effect him. I was so proud when he laid out his goals for universal health care. I applauded when he stood his ground and said that he was president of not just black people but all american people. I understood when he explained the racism that runs deep in the country. I cried with him when he said he was discouraged when Congress would not pass Commons sense gun laws after kids were gunned down at an elementary school. I listened when he praised women and feminism. I applauded and jumped when he changed his stance on gay marriage and really educated himself about lgbt issues. I stood by him when he defended Islam and proudly stood up for Muslim Americans and that Isis was not gone tear us apart. Its been a tough eight years but some glorious ones to.No one said being the first was easy. At the DNC Michelle said when others aim low we shoot high. President Obama definitely he has soared high. Whoever comes after he or she will have some tough shoes to fill.


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