Revauluating Political Correctness

Recently with the event happening in the country, and frankly in the World I have been paying allot of attention to politics. I have also been paying attention to a term called political correctness. Pc as it is formaly called is re framing from using a certain phrase because it can offend somebody. Examples are calling someone retarded instead of autistic,and calling someone a midget. Now I agree with that all the way to the end. However, I have a problem when political correctness has been misused. At college campus, where student s are suppose to be confronted with ideas that are foreign to them, have become just a little bit to sensitive. If someone points out a flaw in affirmative action they are a racist, if someone says that they want to e a stay at home mother they are against feminism, if someone says they believe marriage is between a man and a woman they are homophobic. If someone is a republican they are all of those things. The problem with this is it creates an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, no real solutions,and ultimately backlash. If you have a problem with what someone says come at them with facts,but keep it respectful. I have seen plenty of videos where at college campuses, people where arguing about something and when one person could not answer a question and they ultimately  started throwing words like racism, sexism,and homophobia. This is wrong and dangerous. It stops people from growing as an intelligent person, and it stops solutions from being found. It also leads to words like sexism,racism,and homopobia not being taken seriously. those and the other isms out there are a serious problem. They need to be fixed. However, labeling everything those words doe snot fix the problem. It makes everything worse. I m so sick and tired of people name calling instead of coming up with the solution to these problems. I am also so tired of important conversations that should be taking place at college campuses not being taken place. I want to have a conversation about affirmative action, rape allegations, gay marriage, reparations for slavery, illegal immigration,Islam,and government warming. It saddens me that many of these conversations are not being had, because people are scared of being labeled racist,homophobic,and sexiest if they have an opposing view. I like talking to someone who thinks differently than me, because if I understand their position then I can better explain my position. That is how a nation moves forward. We really need to move forward,and stop being so damn petty. I notice that people are getting all bent out of shape about shit that should not matter, but when there is a major flood destroying a communnity I do not see the outrage. I hope we as a nation can move past this.


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