Why I am a proud male feminist.

Ever since I could remember I have been into stuff that most would say only girls where into. I loved the powderpuff girls,totally spies, sailor moon,Lizzie McGuire, Girlfriends, buffy,and charmed. I would spend hours reading Nancy Drew mysterious and reading the babysitters club and the American girl series. I was quite different. Many including my own family were shocked that me a black southern boy was so connected to things that were femine. I really couldn’t explain it either to be honest. I think I was drawn to those shows because all the female characters had limits put on them because of gender. Everyone expects the powderpuff girls to be little princesses and not much competition. Everyone calls Buffy a slut because of how she dresses. I have never been called a slut but I have been limited by gender norms. I have been expected to be super tough,and aggressive, and to not show emotion,not smile,not hug, not be a human being basically. In our world we police everything that is femine and masculine. We are doing a great disservice to our kids especially our lgbt kids. Just remember homophobia is sexism. The reason I loved those shows growing up was because they were different shows. The female characters were allowed to show emotions and still save the day. The male characters for the most part were OK with that. It was hard seeing myself in some of the TV shows growing up where all the male characters seemed to be alike. That is why I am a feminist because I do not mind if the women is the lead,the boss, the big dog as a matter of fact I can learn something from her. It is why I support people like Beyonce,and Rihanna,and jlo,and even Britney Spears. It is why I was cheering the fab  five at the Olympics. It is why I read Janet mocks memoirs so I could understand and  support the trans community and even give Catelyn a thumbs up. It is why I call out double standards like Kim k naked selfie fiasco. It is why I stand by the this sentiment that if a Muslim woman wants to wear the hijab she can, if she doesn’t please do not force her. It is why I try to bring women of color whenever I am having a conversation about feminism. It is why I bring male victims of domestic violence and molestation cause that can lead to a toxic relationship with women. I am a proud black male feminist. So to those people who were saying its weird I like Blossum,Bubbles and Buttercup I think its weird we still live in a world where boys are still not suppose to smile.


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