Why I identify as an independent liberal during this Election

It is no doubt about it this election is insane. It should win the Oscar for best movie cause I swear we are in a Steven Spielberg movie. However, this election represents where we all are at in today’s society. This election has brought with it terrorism,racism,homophobia, sexism,lies,scandal, Skelton’s in closets,unprofessionalism, ruined careers,media bias,and just plane bullshit. I am going to be a first time voter come November. Oh lucky me! Lucky I think for myself and I have decided to be an independent. The reason being quite simply is I am sick of both of the parties.the republicans although not all are so embarrassing, petty,and just so offensive. The party as a whole has moved so far to the right that even Reagan and condeleeza rice would not be considered Republicans today. The Democrats while I do agree with them more have become so complacent that when they achieve something the buck stops. I see no real policy coming from them and they have moved so far to the left that anything with them goes and there is no to for a debate. I am also sick of everyone telling me who to vote for. I do not vote for someone e because they are black,woman,gay,democrat,wealthy, or a celebrity. I vote for what comes out of there mouths. I am an independent liberal. None of the parties currently represent me. I am conservative on some issues sch as mony and that nature. I am liberal on social issues I am a feminist pro choice,support lgbt,pro environmentalist etc. I find other people like me in my classrooms and online. We feel like there is no more room for the middle ground anymore. I hope after this hellish election we get it right in the next four years


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