Amber Rose, The word Hoe,and The word Role model

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A few years ago if someone would have told me that Amber rose would have a career outside of being a video vixen, and being a rappers girlfriend I would have laughed until a peed my cashmiere pants.However, I am not laughing but actually smiling at how Miss Rose has ultimately turned everything around for her. She is now walking on the red carpet not as someones arm candy but as her own walking brand. I admit I like a woman who is honest about sex. I find sex one of the most interesting topics in the world, and I like that Amber Rose is honest about her sex life. Unfortunate, with that honesty comes ridicule. I have seen almost everyday someone is dragging this woman for being a hoe, thot, and a slut. However, her baby daddy Wiz gets a thumbs up and several smiley faces for saying that he slept with the baddest bitch last night. If the double standard was not bad enough, I do not like it when people just dismiss this woman as a misguided stripper looking for her next come up.Yes I do think Miss Rose overshares a tad bit to much, and sometime she should stay in her lane and try not to be a singer(sorry babes), but I have seen this woman do amazing things with her platform. She shares advice about being young in an impoverished neighborhood, why she does not do drugs not even weed because she saw what it did to the people she loves. She is a strong supporter of the LGBT community and I mean an actual supporter not one of these fake ones that be out here faking it for publicity.She gives excellent advice on safe sex and how to prevent AIDS and HIV. She may not be Mother Theresea but she aint a fame whore either. Her annual slut walk has been herald as a great feminist movement. She talks openly about her past as a stripper,how she herself use to “slut shame” women. She invites victims of sexaul assault, and rape to the event and let them tell their stories. She even has testing for breast cancer at the event. This woman still has a little growing up to do. She is not the role model for thirteen year old girls, but she can be a role model for the twenty-eight year old woman who is going to live life on her own terms. So back off miss Rose, and let her grow, make mistakes, and who knows, she may even when an Oscar one day.


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