What Voting for the First Time made me Realize

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Tuesday, October 25 was the day I felt like i was fully an American citizen. I walked up to that ballot booth, and I checked my option for who should be the leader of the free world. I felt proud cause so many people black, Latino,gay,female had marched ,bled,screamed,shouted,cried, and jumped up and down when they got the right to vote. I also realized that yes it is important to vote for the President, however it is equally important to vote for our local congressman. I hope people understand that,especially members of the LGBT community. I also realized that you sometimes have to weigh your options when it comes to referendums, and legalizing things like marijuana. This election has brought out both the goof and the bad in everybody. I have seen good people who are Trump supporters loose friends, and essentially their good name. I have seen people yelling and vilifying each other. hat is most distressing is how the left has been looking during this whole entire election. If you yell at someone,and try to shut down an opinion you miss a good learning lesson from each other. I hope the left does not fall apart like certain aspects of the right have. This election has also energized my age group. I am even thinking of minoring in political science. Whoever gets elected November 8, I hope the United States does not fall apart. Whoever walks through that door, I hope they keep their promises and help us all heal. Whoever, is gone give that State of The Union I pray they remember that all Americans rely on them, and I pray that on inauguration Day I have that same feeling I had when I saw a man from Illonois take that Oath. That feeling was ;fulfillment.


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