Raven Symone, Wendy Williams and second chances

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Recently, Raven Symone announced last week that she would be leaving the view, to go back to work for her old bosses Disney. That’s So Raven the show that solidified Raven as a Disney Icon is coming back for a reboot. The show will join other old family shows such as Full house and boy meets World as a shows trying to make a comeback. Raven ha shad a very interesting time at the View. She has made some controversial statements from saying she doe snot want to be identified as a lesbian, or an African American, to her saying she would not hire someone with a ghetto name. Yes, miss symone has had a weird relationship with the public. The same could also be said about everyone favorite gossiper Wendy Williams. Miss Williams has made a reputation for saying it like you mean it. However, she found herself in some hot water when she made some bizarrely confusing comments about HBCUs. Black twitter promptly came for that ass.However, I have to say when both of these ladies were making humongous mistakes I became very impressed with them. When Raven further explained that she wants to be seen as a human,and not placed in a box I understood her. When the horrific Orlando massacre happened I loved how she put those homophobic assholes who cheered in their place. I loved how she called out the ridiculous amount of cyber bullying that is available. I love dhow more open she is about her self,her sexuality, that she goes hard for the LGBT community, that being a child star helped and hurt her. Yes, Miss Symone has greatly impressed me. The same for Wendy. I liked how Wendy both apologized, and put those twitter haters in their place in one show. I liked how Wendy addressed the situation once,and kept it moving and she is still climbing up in the daytime tv world. Like all of us, both of these woman said some ignorant,silly, confusing things.However, I liked how they grew from these experiences. We all say dumb shit sometimes, and we deserved to be called out when we do. However, how can we grow from a mistake when other’s will not let us grow?We need to get back to second chances, and realizing that everyone has a different experience. I a so sick of people sitting on their couches waiting for someone to say the wrong thing, so they can blast him. it is petty, and it is counterproductive to human growth. I applaud Raven and Wendy for messing up, and admitting it,and doing better.  I hope the rest of us can do that to.


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