Why I am glad Tomorrow This Election finally Ends

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November 8, a day I cannot wait to finally get here. This will be the day that American picks between Donald J Trump a cunning entertaining  businessman who has a knack for being a sexiest asshole,and Hilary Rodham Clinton a political veteran who has been a first lady,senator, Secretary of State, who has champaigned thousands of cases, however she has so many skeletons in her closet she should open a theme park on Halloween every year. These are the two main candidates. Like it or not, one of these candidates will be announced on Wednesday morning as our new president. May God help us all! I like millions of others have been very disappointed by this election. Not only has it been reduced to a freak show it has not focused on many of the issues that our facing the country. This election has brought out the worst in all of us. It really goes to show, how America does not listen to each other. This election has seen the breakdown of careers, family relationships,friendships,and legacies. It has brought up issues of media bias,racism,sexism, LGBT rights,black identity,Latino identity, police brutality, extremist groups,poverty,identity politics,feminism,ageism,immigration, guilty by association, double standards,,terrorism,gun rights,mentally ill,and political correctness.All of these issues have been brought up by this election. What is more shocking and gets me upset is how people have treated each other I have seen black republicans, and black people in general who are supporting Trump getting called coons,and uncle toms. I have seen gay republicans get called traitors,and sellouts. I have seen all woman across this country get called cunts,and bitches. I have seen the massive attack that is being driven on Muslim-Americans, and I have also seen a rise in homegrown terrorism. I have seen the LGBT community get put down by oppressive laws in north Carolina, Mississippi,Tennessee,and Texas. I have seen people being petty,and extremely hateful on Facebook,and twitter. Everything is racist, sexiest,and homophobic nowadays. No one bothers to look into the story for themselves. I have even been called a sellout cause I am not a democrat[I am an independent}.i have also been alarmed at what has been happening at college campuses. Anyone who has a different opinion, is automatically shouted down. This will ultimately lead to an extreme right group on college campuses. This election has been pure hell. It has been chaotic,toxic,and just bleh! When Wednesday rolls around and whoever is the winner, lets hope we can fix how we talk to each other.


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