Why I Hope the Democrats have Learned their Lesson

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Now I will fully admit, I was dead wrong. I was shocked,dismayed,a little disappointed when I turned on my television and I saw Donald Trump as our 45th President. I sat down at the screen for five minutes thinking I was dreaming. Nope, he really is our president. I then turned to CBS this morning to see how in the world this could have happened.I saw that Clinton lost, when Ohio and Wisconsin went to Trump. I was utterly shocked,and dismayed. Clinton was so close to being the first female president. i then turned, to an old and messy foe social media. I saw allot of tears, and plenty of anger. I saw post demonizing all white woman,and all white people. I saw post calling black,gay,and Latino republicans sellouts and uncle Toms. I then sat in disbelief as I wondered how did we get here America? I also realized that all this name calling and misplaced anger,was not being put in the right place. From the very beginning, I saw how the democrats,and everyone else were making a mistake. ¬†Instead of labeling all Trump Supporters vile racist,sexiest,homophobic rednecks they should have seen that yea those people are there, but many of his supporters are not those people. Many of these supporters have actually concerns that the democrats were not addressing. In Ohio and Wisconsin, the biggest concern was jobs. Many people in those states were unemployed. As America was getting it’s steel from out of China, many lost jobs they had for thirty years. The fact that the democrats were not reaching out to them, has alienated them. Also, the issue of poverty alienated some people. Believe it or not, there are more white people in America than any other group. Many people in the Midwest are disenfranchised, they lost everything,and the bottom line is they have been left behind and ultimately left out. They are tired of being called dumb ass hillbillies, and not being heard, or having someone see that they need help to.We have to stop thinking that all white people are sexiest,racist,and homophobic. Yea, there are some white people who are like that, but there are people like that in every race. We also have to stop putting people in categories. there are some black people who are republican, there are some gay people who do not support gay marriage, there are some Latinos who support legal immigration. Instead of yelling and calling them sellouts, challenge them on their beliefs. That is how a solution is born. We need to stop slamming people, who do not think the way we do,cause there will be a time when it will be used against us. That includes me. I realized I lived in this bubble,and I did not know the other people of the country, The democratic party is in turmoil. The democrats need to do everything of what I just said. They also need to clean house. Some people in the DNC were corrupt. This election revealed that there is a lot of corruption in the party. Yea, the republicans are corrupt, however for the democrats to be back on top, they need to clean house. It is time for some new leaders to emerge out of this chaos that has been erupted. it is time we see,that we have to take everyone concerns. There were allot of people in America, who were angry. They had been ignored for along time. They said they was through, and they elected a man they believed would work for them.Democrats it is time that you hear these people out.


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