Oprah Is Right

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It has been a week since Donald Trump was announced the winner of the Presidential election. I am still reeling from all the drama that has been going since then. People are looting and burning down businesses in the street. I saw a video of a man getting beaten up and having his car stolen from him in Chicago, all because he was a trump supporters. I have seen racist,sexiest,and homophobic assholes intentionally trying to rile people up for their own gain,and unfortunate people are foolishly falling for it.What is really painfully, is the smart voices are being drowned out in all this rage,and anger that has swept over all of us. One of those people is my shero Oprah. Oprah  put out a tweet basically saying everyone needs to take a deep breathe and calm down. Immediately the twitterverse began to swarm. Oprah was called everything from an Aunt Jemima to a Trump apologist. What these people, fail to realize is that it has been this behavior that has lead to Trump in the White House. What Oprah said was absolutely true. People need to calm down! I am so sick of people on twitter, and Facebook posting death to all white people and claiming it is white Americas fault for Trump winning,completely ignoring the fact that one of the reasons for Trump winning was the support of blacks. Latinos,Muslims, and members of the LGBT community. I am sick of people burning shit down, when they should be going back to the drawing board and figuring out what went wrong. I am so sick of people having to apologize to me for thinking I am oppressed, when in actuality I do not feel oppressed. I am sick of everyone ending friendships over this election, and I am sick of the smug look on the anchors at Fox News. I am really sick, when the smartest voice in the bunch(Oprah) gets muted,cause that voice is not bitter and angry. Yeah, this election was divisive,nasty,ugly,hypocritical,and downright disappointing. Yeah, I do not like the result of what happened,and I do believe it will take time to heal all these wounds.However, that is what happens in a democracy. You sometimes get what you do not want! I wish people would learn a lesson like I learned my lesson. The world is not as black and white as I thought it was. I learned that there is plenty of grey area. I learned that just because someone is white with a name like John Smith that that person has everything handed to them. I learned that not all black people see things the same way. I learned that prejudice does not come from a certain segment but from all sides. I learned that people really do not talk to each other anymore. I learned that people only hear what they want to hear. That no one investigates the story anymore, that people except things without questions anymore. That this election has destroyed to major political parties,and how they operate. That it is ok to be young black millennial and see things differently from the herd. I also learned that our nation has not learned the same things I have learned. So everyone get the fuck off Oprah’s back,and take a deep breath. It is time to get back to the drawing board. It is time to learn these lessons. It is time to start paying attention, to not leave anyone behind, to hang out with people who think differently from you, to see that there are some ugly parts of the world,but the world is what you make it. It is time to learn.


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