What Selena Gomez said, that No One Caught

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Sunday night the American music Awards were filled with so much controversy. Gigi Hadid was dragged for mocking Melania Trump,and Green Day performed with the lyrics “No Trump no Hate No Fascist USA”. Needless to say the Amas  were a source of controversy. However, there was one bright moment. When Selena Gomez got up to accept her award she really shared some wisdom. Unfortunate,most people were only focused on what she was wearing. Now I love a good fashion show,and Miss Gomez did slay,however what many people really missed was her speech. In it she talked about how exhausted and depressed she became because she wanted to please everyone. She then went and talked about how she does not care what people look like on social media. BAM!! baby girl nailed it. i have noticed since 2013 how ugly social media has become. People sit for ours at a small screen,and post some of the most vilest things ever. I am just shocked how much of a mean society we have become. I am shocked how we cannot talk to each other without a terrible word being thrown into the mix. I have completely shunned social media,because I see right through that bullshit of double standards,fakeness,and just being a plain dick. I applaud Selena Gomez for saying that, because we really have forgot that. It does not matter what you look like,but what is in your heart. I liked how she ended when she basically stated that even though you may not like her, she does love all people. That is what we have forgotten. I may disagree with someone.however that does not mean I hate them. I like talking to people who think differently from me, that is how a solution is made. This past years, I have seen how petty everyone has become. I hope people stop talking about how good Selena looks,and more on what a good ass speech she gave.


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