Fixer upper, Gay Marriage,and Opinions

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Yesterday, Chip and Joanna Gaines who are stars of the popular HGTV show fixer Upper have reportedly come under fire.A writer for the popular liberal site buzz feed announced that the Gaines who are a proud Christian couple from Waco Texas, are members of  an evangelical church whose pastor has made some unsettling remarks about being gay. The article seemed to suggest that because the Gaines attend this church they must be homophobic by association.Now I understand why many gay people have an uneasy relationship with the church. It is a place that can be healing or hurtful to a gay person. However, we have got to stop this. Gay marriage is here,and it is not going no where anytime soon. However, there will always be people who will believe marriage is between a man and a woman. that does not always make them a hateful bigot. I have some friends who do not believe in gay marriage,however they believe in civil unions,and gay adoptions. The world is full of people who do not see the world the way the majority sees it. It is time we stop looking for petty shit to get offended about,and lets focus on the more important fish to fry. Let us instead focus on safe sex methods to tell our young LGBT youth. Let us focus on more diverse portrayals of LGBT people of color.Let us advocate for the gay rapper,or the gay country singer so that they can be as successful as their heterosexual counterparts. Let us engage gay republicans,and gay Muslims,and gay Christians who add flavor to the community. I understand why people get mad when someone does not support gay marriage. Sometimes some feelings do end up getting hurt in a public discussion,sometimes friendships are lost,and families are at odds. However, all that does is encourage us to move forward.I too have had peoples opinions hurt me deeply,however I realized that they are just opinions,and not facts. It does not matter if the Gaines believe gay marriage is right,all it matters is that they treat everyone the same based on their actions. I am a proud to be a supporter of gay rights,and I want the gay community to be thriving in the future. For that to happen we have to realize everyone sees the situation differently,and sometimes we can engage them,and other times we have to ignore them and focus on what really matters.


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