The Grammys, VH1 Christmas Divas,and the Future of the music industry

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Monday VH1 premiered a Divas Holiday. It was a night celebrating old and new generations of Divas as they graced the stage to belt out Christmas classics. The evening brought out Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle,Chacka Khan,and Vanessa Williams. Every single of these Icons have had major ups and downs in their careers. However, they still managed to come out on top. They really electrified the crowd,and proved that you can still put on a damn good show even after the age of 40. Then yesterday the Grammy nominations were released. Beyonce, Adele, Kanye West,Rihanna,and Drake all lead the pack, with everyone expecting Beyonce to take home the big prize. However, I was a little disappointed with some of the other nominees. In the rap category songs like Panda,and broccoli got nominated in the best rap performance category. Both of these songs are highly addictive,and very fun to jam to I will admit that,however they are not songs worthy of a grammy. I have noticed that in today’s musical climate originality seems to have went out the door. Everyone in all the genres sound alike. Everyone releases music the same now,and the topics revolve around either cheating,sex,drugs,or being a slacker. That is why Beyonce,Adele, Rihanna,and Drake are so heavenly lauded, because they dare to stand out among the bunch. When I was watching the Divas Christmas special I realized that for Mariah,Patti,Chacka,and Vanessa that it must be real hard for these women. Even,though they are still listed on the annual list of greatest singers of all time, they all know that for the most part the industry has left them behind. That nowadays it is ok to have a computer make your voice sound like you can sing vs actually getting your ass on that stage and singing. That people can just make a youtube  video, and all of a sudden they are getting record contracts, while the ladies of that generation had to hustle just to make it to the door. Bob Dylan did say the times they are a changing. They sure are, the question is are they changing for the better.


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