2016: A Year to Remeber

Awww 2016, it was one of the most weirdest,saddest,confusing,slightly entertaining,and downright annoying years in all my twenty years of life. It seems like my country The United States of America is so divided. It is between races,sexual orientations,gender,and religions. This election has made us all look terrible,it has made us angrier,and we really do not know each other like we thought we did. This year we have seen mass shootings,police brutality, anti-lgbt bills,terrorist attacks, double standards that exist everywhere,race baiting,and elitism,and lets not forget good old sexism. However, one thing I liked about 2016 is it taught me allot about myself. I learned that it is ok to have different opinions.It is ok that I do not always have to agree with my friends,and that I can be conservative on some things while being liberal on the other things. I learned that if you have an opinion,you also have to back that opinion up. That you cannot look at just one new source,because that limits you as a person,and it limits your world view.i learned that social media is the devil,and has caused nothing but heartache,and pettiness,and bullying. I learned that the entertainment industry is making a comeback with good movies,and tv shows. I learned that in this year when we lost greats such as David Bowie,and Prince that it is good to know the old musicians to,cause without them there would be no Beyonce,Taylor,or Rihanna. I also learned how gullible my generation is,and how much people do not know about history. I learned that calling someone a racist,homophobe,and a sexiest just because you do not agree with them, does not mean you won the debate. However, it waters down those terms and leads to an event like Trump winning. i learned that I am going to miss the Obamas who have had a rocky time in the White house,but they have withered the storm and they may have some scars but they made it through the fire. I learned that 2017 seems scary,and I do not know what is coming. However,I do now that I will still be the person 2016 has taught me to be. Fearless


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