Not Backing Down: Sometimes we Need to just Agree to Disagree

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Recently, there has been a great number of tension between gay rights activist and religous figures. Gospel singer Kim Burrell was recorded giving a sermon where she called gay people perverted. As you can imagine that comment angered,and to a certain extent hurt the LGBT community,especially LGBT people of Color. This is just one instance,where there has been tension between these two strong communities. Texas is threatening to pass a bathroom bill that many say is targeted at the trans gendered community. Also,there have been calls to boycott entertainers who do not believe in gay marriage or gay adoption. It is a very divided issue. Can these two communities coexist in peace? It will e pretty damn hard to coexist. We are after all dealing with religion,and sexuality. Both,of these groups have very strong feelings toward eachother. Many, of the religous side have long claimed that they are not homophobic,but they just believe being gay is wrong,and that marriage is between one man and one woman. Many of the gay activist say that they do not have a problem with religous people but they just want what everyone else has. Both,of these points are valid. I know many religous people who I believ ehave good intentions when they say love the sinner hate the sin,however I do not think they realize that when they say that they are actually hurting people more than helping. The bottom line is that for many gay people in this country they are tired. They are tired of paying taxes,helping others,trying to be a good brother,sister,son,daughter,Aunt,or Uncle and feeling like everyone always attacks them. They are tired of being the religious rights scapegoat. They are tired of being called monsters,evil,perverted,a threat to kids everywhere by certain celebrities of the far right,but those same people will in turn make every excuse for Josh Duggar,and that nasty family of his. The LGBT community has had it up to here with the bullshit. That is why Kim burrell has been getting dragged up and down on twitter. On the flip side I have noticed that the word bigot has been flung at people who do not support gay marriage. my response to that is this, I use the word bigot when it applies. I know some people who do not believe in gay marriage cause they are traditionalist,however they support civil unions,gay adoption,and gay workplace protections. I would not call this people bigots. I also would have to share some knowledge with these people by explaining that not every state has a civil union,and that a civil union did not grant everything to gay couples,as the married straight couple. I think both communities need to have an honest dialogue,and sometimes they need to just leave eachother alone. If a baker does not bake your cake for your wedding, do not sue them,instead do something even better. You give them the finger,and you either go scout for another baker,or you start your own business. Afterall, like Beyonce said the best revenge is your paper. However, I will always call out blatant homophobia when I see it,just like I know many LGBT people have called out racism when they see it. In 2017 I hope both communities can either talk to each other,or leave each other alone.


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