Why Meryl Streep was both Right and Wrong

Image result for meryl streep golden globe

On Sunday night, the icon herself Meryl Streep was being awarded the Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes. Meryl Streep truly is an American Icon. She first gained prominence in the late 70s and she has been cranking out hit movies for the past three decades. She deserved that award. However,as the fabulous viola Davis was awarding her the lifetime achievement award,Mrs Streep found herself in some controversy.She took the opportunity to call out the president elect Donald Trump,and hit back at claims that Hollywood has lost touch with middle America. She started talking about friends and costars she has known over the years,and she talked about their diverse life experiences. She even talked about her life growing up in New Jersey and attending a public school. She then talked about how she was saddened when she saw Trump make fun of a disabled reporter,and that it is up to the press to call him out for that stuff,and it is also the job of actors to continue showing different portrayals of every-bodies life. This speech has literally divided America. Trump, twitted back calling Streep the most overrated actress ever. Here,is my opinion of this. In my opinion Meryl is right and wrong. She is right because as we all know Trump was mocking a disabled reporter. She is right because the press has to do a better job of calling bullshit out. She is right because she did not talk about herself,not once,nor did she even say Trumps name,she talked about a situation that greatly disturbed her. She talked about having empathy for each other. Many are calling her part of the elite, which I think is ironic. Most of these people who are saying that voted for someone who was born into the elite. Yes Meryl has allot of money,but she worked her ass off to have all that money,to be awarded a lifetime achievement award. she worked her ass off. Now she is wrong in some areas. She is wrong for throwing football,and MMA fighting under the bus. She may not like it,but allot of people in middle America cherish football more than acting,dancing,and singing. many people are also tire dof turning on an award show and having everything be political. Many people are tired of people making it seem like everyone who voted for Trump is a bad person. So miss Meryl the beloved Icon was both right and wrong,but to me it seems America has been both right and wrong in the last year.


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