P Diddy does have A Point

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Yesterday P Diddy caused quite a steer when he went on his snapchat to blast the modern hiphop culture. He explains how in his own opinion hip hop has  been transformed into buffoonery.He then was lambasted with may claiming he was just a hater, hating on this new generation of up and coming rappers. To that I say,that it is bullshit. While I think P Diddy,is corny,and tries to dang on hard sometimes I do believe that in this circumstance the brother has a point. Hip hop for the most part is in crisis. These “mumble  rappers” only rap about sex,drugs,and fighting. They all look terrible,and they are all so petty. Chris Brown vs Souija boy, Kodak Black vs Lil Wayne,and Meek Mill vs whoever have made hip hop a laughing sock. There was a time during the generation X black teens were hip hop told a story. It talked about politics,and race,and self esteem. When sex was mentioned,it still had a poetic flavor to it. Nowadays rappers who know they from the suburbs be bragging they represent this hood,and that hood,and they are apart of this gang. Like just stop it. I applaud Drake,and Chance the Rapper,and Wale,and J Cole who still live out that vision of what hip hop use to be while still having a modern vibe. So everyone who criticizing P Diddy, what yall need to do is turn off them damn phones and encourage these rappers to stop the foolishness.


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