Please Stop attacking Steve Harvey and Nicole Kidman!

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Yesterday,everyone favorite game show host Steve Harvey landed in some hot water. He recently met with the President -elect Donald Trump to go talk about problems in the inner city. When talking to CNN Mr Harvey said that he was inspired by the outgoing president Barack Obama to get from behind his mic and go talk to the incoming president about the issues close to his heart. Then a tidal wave of tweets,and comments from social media came at Mr Harvey calling him a sellout,and a uncle Tom,and the worst being a coon. On top of that talented A-list actress Nicole Kidman when asked about the election says that America needs to get behind the new President. She was also hit with a barrage of insults,even though Nicole advocates for many liberal causes. I am so sick of stuff like this. I am sick of people calling for a boycott every time a famous person has a different opinion. It also scares me that these two entertainers who up until now were on everyone’s likable list are now seen as the enemy. Steve is called an uncle Tom( a word I really despise) for bringing an issue that is close to his heart to the next president. Nicole Kidman is called out her name for saying that America needs to except that Trump is the president. I and millions of other’s are tired of it. Trump is going to be the President come Friday. The only good thing about this whole situation is that both Nicole,and Steve both said that they would not apologize for their actions. I stand behind them. I hope the rest of America grows up,and stop being outraged by petty bullshit like this,and more outraged by stuff that actually matters.


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