Thank You President Obama!

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Thank You President Obama for the following. Thank you for campaigning so hard in 07 and 08. Thank you for going to places such as Iowa and South Dakota and showing that those people are not bigoted rednecks like everyone says they are. Thank you for you amazing speeches. Thank you for standing up and evolving for the LGBT community,and having LGBT people around you and not backing down when ignorant fools attacked you for it. Thank you for acknowledging other faiths,and not making them feel like they are less than because they do not pray to Jesus Christ., Thank you for supporting Michelle and letting her stand on her own as an amazing person,and a wonderful advocate. Thank you for acknowledging that while things are better for minorities prejudice still exist,and also acknowledging that just because someone is white that does not mean that person has every privilege over minorities. Thank you for rolling with the punches,and for ignoring the naysayers and focusing on doing what was best for the country. Thank you for crying for those kids in Sandy Hook,those black church goers,the lgbt community in Orlando, thank you so much. Thank you for advocating for Womens rights,including trans women. Thank you for caring about kids of undocumented workers. Yes, Hollywood for the most part enjoyed you,but you picked smart intelligent entertainers to help drive your message. Thank you, so much. I will miss you,and your family. I also want to thank you,for the slogan Yes We Can cause we really did,and we shall,and we will!


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