Liberals Should Be ashamed that it Has come to This!

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Well folks today is the big day. Donald Trump miraculously has made it to the Presidency of the United States of America. Help us Lord! In the days leading up to the Inauguration it seems like America is more divided than ever. Steve Harvey is shamed and called a house nigga for meeting with Trump about issues that were close to his heart growing up in the inner city. Then icons like Jennifer Holliday,and Andrea Bocelli are shamed,and sent death threats just for saying that they will perform at the inauguration. Then when a small HBCU is given the opportunity to perform at the inauguration everyone wants to call them all out there name, when all the president wants them to do is see how the country really works. This election has really destroyed us! Liberals should be ashamed about what this toxic atmosphere has brought with it.The left needs to stop doing this. The man is going to be the President today,there is nothing that is going to stop that! Instead the Democrats need to look at the areas that they went wrong! They need to stop with the privilege shaming,the race baiting,and the elitism that has consumed the party(just like the republicans need to stop the sexism,and homophobia that is in their party). If the left does not do that then expect to see Trump again in four more years. All this insane bullying is not going to help with nothing. It will only drive us further,and further apart. So Liberals please stop this abuse it is getting out of hand.


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