We Need to Talk about Animal Rights!

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This past two weeks have been an interesting for animals. A few weeks ago, Ringlands circus which has been around forever it seems announced that they were officially closing their doors. Ticket sells dropped significantly because of a leaked video showing elephants being whipped hard,and made to stand for extremely long hours. The backlash grew so much,that the circus cut the act. However, that also lead to the decline of ticket sells which meant that the circus was closing it’s doors for the last time. Earlier this week, a disturbing video appeared on the internet that showed a stunt dog being forced to go into the water,and held underwater. This incident again caused a big backlash,and the premiere of the movie which is about animals and their owners was canceled. Instances like these are raising awareness to how we treat animals. Animals do have feelings,and I believe they do have souls. I am so sick of people who say that man has dominance over animals,but they do not care for the animals. I believe that animals are one of the greatest gifts to the World. I believe that we have to help animals. We have to stop these poachers who are destroying beautiful creatures for their own gain. We have to stop bulldozing habitats and then getting mad when a bear come sin our backyard.We have  to make sure our zoos our safe. That a theme park is also safe . We have to do this, so no humans or animals are harmed. We have to realize that animals are intelligible beings,they are not objects. They have feelings,and desires. Just because they do not talk does not make them lesser than me. I am glad people are paying attention,and are even engaging in the conversation more. I am not going to pretend I am a big animal lover I am not. However, my heart brakes when I see a dog abandoned,or when I read how cheetahs are going extinct, or that wolves,and bears are being shot because some jackass cannot read a damn sign. That doe snot make me an animal lover, that makes me a lover of all things with a soul.


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