Religion Moving Forward in 2017

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Religion is one of those dreaded words. It belongs with the words such as race,sexual orientation.gender,and political affiliation. It is a word that wars have been fought off,families have been destroyed,and peoples feelings have been hurt. For me I have a weird relationship with religion. I believe in God,however I am not deeply religious. I believe that some things in the bible do not apply to today’s world with accordance to women’s rights,gay rights,and immigrants rights. I recognize that there are many contradictions in the bible. Thursday I was talking to one of my coworkers who expressed that they was glad President Obama was leaving the White  House. She told me she immediately did not like him anymore,when he said the America was no longer a Christian nation. She said that he was a fake christian,and that America was built upon christian ideas. I had to count to 100 to keep from going off on this woman. First of all, President Obama was right this country is not  a Christian nation. This country has many different faiths. This country is not just made up of Christians anymore, there are Muslims,Buddhist,Hindus,and even atheist. I am so tired of everyone saying Obama is anti christian just because he dared to say that he was the President of all AMERICANS INCLUDING NON-CHRISTIAN AMERICAS. As for this country being built on Christian values that is bullshit. The Pilgrims were hypocrites escaping religious persecution who in turn persecuted against a bunch of people who did not look like them, worship like them,and did not speak for them. If thats your type of Christianity then I do not want it. For me I have friends who are muslim,catholic,and buddhist. These people are not bad people at all. They are living their lives,and they are contributing to this great land. That is how I see religion going forward, I hope my coworker can see it to!


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