Why I am Both Proud,and Dissappointed In The Womens March on Washington

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Today is the day of the Womens March on Washington. It is a day were women from all walks of life,and all the corners of the Universe will be marching on Washington. They are Marching as a message to Trump that they will be watching him,and that they will not stand by if his administration begans to infringe on womens rights.I am proud of this march because it has allot of diversity init.These March has room for women of color,immigrant women,poor women,lesbians,and transwoman. This March will also have a sizable number of men who will be speaking like Michael Moore,and Van Jones. So for that I am proud of them,however, I am also disappointed in them to. I am disappointed that they did not include pro-life women in the march. While I,and I would assume most of the women at the March are pro choice, I also recognize that being pro life does not mean that they are anti-woman. They should have been there so that everyone could have a healthy dialogue around Roe V Wade, which from the looks of it may be on the chopping block. I also do not like how caught up everyone has become on white privileged which can further alienate someone. This also ignores the fact that minority women voted for Trump to.I am proud that these women are having their voices heard,but I also wish they would have invited voices who they disagree with,or who do not see the world the same as they do.


One thought on “Why I am Both Proud,and Dissappointed In The Womens March on Washington

  1. I am with you. I support standing up for the equality of all citizens. Supporting the rights of all citizens, citizens to be, and humankind in general is to me completely obvious and in many ways we as a nation have been making great strides in caring for the marginalized. Trump is an old man with a loud voice. He says silly things that should not be said. But I don’t really think he will turn back time when it comes to human rights. Will he make immigrants pass through the gates properly? Likely and I have no problem with that. Will he attempt to overturn abortion rights? Maybe but that’s a long shot. He’s against it and so are many others. We have had many presidents that have been anti-abortion. So what? It is an opinion grounded in universal truths that many believe. LBGT_ _ _ (the name is getting longer by the day…) rights are just human rights as far as I’m concerned…it’s no skin off my nose if two people of any type want to marry and have the benefits afforded married couples. The marches were more anti-Trump than anything else, and that left out a whole slew of women voters.


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