The end Of OscarsoWhite

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Today on January 24 I can greatly say that oscarssowhiteis extremely over. There are so many black actors nominated today. Viola Davis is officially the most awarded black actress in Oscar history. Also, there are three black women nominated for best supporting actress in the history of the Oscars. Ruth Negga got nominated for the biographical film Loving. I am most proud of the film Moonlight because it deals with issues such as being gay,and religion which are two issues the black community extremely has a problem with. I am so proud of all the actors but I am delighted that I can return to watching the Oscars again,and seeing people that look like me get the recognition they deserve. Going forward, I hope movies continue to be made that show the black experience is not one dimensional,that it is not all about suffering,or slaverey. I love the Oscars,cause I like talented people. These people truly are talented. Last year,I remeber saying that no one with a brain was asking for the Oscar to be given because someone was a minority. We just wanted actors of color,to be given the same opportunity as their white counterparts. This year I can say my prayers have been answered.


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