Jacksonville HRO: Why it Needs to be passed.

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For those of you who do not know,I am from Jacksonville Florida.It may not be the most liveliest city,but it is not a bad place to live. It is a very diverse city filled with dozens of different nationalities,and different religions,and yes with LGBT people. That is why it saddens me when I hear people who say if the Human Rights Ordinance also known as HRO were to pass it will lead to religious (Christian)persecution,endangerment of women,and children,and lead to bestiality. To that I say bullshit! This is the third time the HRO has to be brought up,because it was rejected in 2012,and 2016. This version is so watered down the Human Rights Campaign would be disappointed. It now includes exemptions for places of worship,private schools with religious affiliation,small business employees,and single sex facilities (http://media.news4jax.com/document_dev/2017/01/04/Hazouri%20revised%20HRO%20ordinance_1483556573946_8748936_ver1.0.pdf) Here is the link if you need proof. So there are those three concerns,or as i like to call them fearmongering out the door. It is just heartening to see people in this beautiful city of mine try to to paint the LGBT community as monsters. All the HRO is asking for is that LGBT people be added with other minorities in civil rights laws. That is it! They are asking that no one gets fired for posting a picture of their boyfriend named jack and the cat named Barry, they are asking not be evicted if they leave one week as Cynthia,and come back as Cameron,they are asking that this city that they love,can just love them back. I will admit I am biased! I have seen gay kid sin school be berated,silenced,and downright discouraged from being themselves,and getting ahead while their straight counterparts are encouraged,and patted on the back. I have seen young men act so misogynistic as a way to cover up them being gay. Some say that I am not listening to the other side. I again say bullshit! I have been listening to that side all my life. I have been listening to them in church where gay men and women are portrayed as the enemy and must be defeated but no one wants to tackle the rise in gang violence. I have seen it around some of my friends where when I try and defend gay rights,I am immediately looked at as weird,and I have had some people not speak to me anymore. I have listened to it,when I hear some people use the word fag,and sissy,and dyke. I have been listening,but these people have never listened. They do not listen to the kids kicked out and on the street. they do not listen to the employee who has gotten fired for having a picture of her girlfriend on her desk. They do not listen when they are in the company of their gay friends,or family members and they say love the sinner,hate the sin but do not acknowledge none of the hardships society places on the people who they are talking to. i have heard Jacksonville was a homophobic city, I guess this vote will finally prove it is,or it is not.


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