Pro Life and Pro Choice:Why both sides need to just coexist

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A week after the W omens March which aimed to warn the Trump administration that they were not going to stand by if Roe V Wade is overturned.Then this upcoming weekend there will be a March for Life on Washington.This march is for excitement that the Trump Administration will finally have Roe V Wade overturned.  This is the most venomous both groups have been to each other. If someone,says they are pro life everyone accuses them of hating women,and trying to roll back women’s rights. If someone says they are pro choice,then there comes accusations of baby killing,and the words bitch,and cunt follows. I for one am sick of these types of accusations. If you are pro choice you have a right to not have an abortion,however,you do not have the right to  tell another women that she can not have an abortion. If you are pro choice,you have the right to be pro choice,however,you do not have the right to tell a pro life person that there way of thinking is terrible,and therefore they need to shut up anyone who disagrees with you. I am for pro choice. That does not mean I am a baby killer. It means that I believe that everyone has a choice. It is a choice to be a parent. Some people who get pregnant did not have that choice such as victims of rape,and incest. I do not think that person should have to have their rapist baby. I also do not like when some pro life people will get mad at abortion,however,they do not talk about sex at all, or they do not care about the pollution of our water,which is harming our kids(Flint Michigan anyone?). I do not think Roe V Wade should be overturned,nor do I think Planned parenthood should be defended. I also do not think the Womens March On Washington should have excluded the pro life women. They should have had an open dialogue to help quell all this nastiness that has been unearthed. Both groups should agrre to diasagree,and to move on!


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