Trans Women and the Womens Movement: It’s Complicated

Image result for trans women and the womens movement

It seems like the women’s march has been attracting one controversy after another controversy. I was online yesterday and I saw some Tran woman who did not feel represented at the women’s march. They said that they wanted more speeches about the trans identity in the platform. While I understand where they are coming from, I do need them to understand some things. The March was primarily for reproductive rights,and the future of issues like abortion and birth control. Now some issues do also affect trans women like the equal pay gay, which can also equally affect trans woman. Also trans icons like Laverne Cox,and Janet Mock have risen to the top of their careers were invited to give speeches at the March. I understand some trans women do feel left out after all some feminist icons like Germaine Greer have made some controversy statements about trans woman. However, like the old saying goes if you cannot find a seat at the table,then bring your own chair. If some trans women did not feel welcomed at the march then they should have their own march. However, I do think it is unfair to portray the women’s march as trans phobic. However, I also see where trans women are coming from. It is complicated. 


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