Why The LGBT Left needs to interact with the LGBT Right

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Last Friday Donald Trump was official inaugurated into the role of President of the United States. Since then some of his moves have alarmed the LGBT left. The LGBT page on the White house website immediately vanished,and at a press event Sean Spicer said he did not know if Trump was going to roll back executive orders Obama put in place to protect the LGBT community. This got LGBT left groups such as the Human Rights Campaign which was a heavy supporter of Hillary Clinton to immediately express there disapproval of the Presidents actions. However, on the flip side the LGBT right is very excited  for this administration. For the first time they have been given seat at the table in the national government,and they have a plan that will arm LGBT people,and help secure the economic situation for many LGBT Americans. However,both of these groups have been at odds with each other. The LGBT right for the most part sometimes ignores the struggles that LGBT people of color deal with,and that some of these republican politicians do have a certain form of bigotry to LGBT people. The LGBT left has a problem with listing every LGBT right person as a self hating gay,and ignorant of their own white privileged. Sometimes that is true,and sometimes that is not true. When someone is attacked for their beliefs it will alienate some people not bring others to your side. The LGBT community is divided,that is a given,however,they must realize that the LGBT community is also very diverse racially,economically,and also politically. For my beloved LGBT community to come together they must be able to work together,to see that everyone has a difference of opinions,and a different experience. That is how the LGBT community will be whole.


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