Madonna, Ashley Judd,The Women March,and how this might change celebrities and political movements

Image result for celebrities at the women's march

I have held off on writing about this topic,because there has been so much to say since the Women’s March last week. From pop icon Madonna saying in her speech she wanted to blow up the White House to actress Ashley Judd provocative reading of a Dunkin Doughnuts teenage worker. Instances like these have been replayed on conservative outlets like Fox News,and theBlaze and have added to the resurgence of the pro life activist who want abortion illegal again. Now what Madonna and Ashley did was wrong. Madonna who I actually admire did not mean what she said,she was being Madonna a provocative artist whose actions get people talking. Ashley Judd was being the feminist she always has been,and she proudly read that letter of that 19 yr old worker who was offended at Trump;s actions against women. However, while well intention these actions have taken attention from other amazing speeches. There were speeches from Gloria Steinem who reminded everyone that Trump works for them,Scarlet Johanssen proclaimed she will support Trump when he supports Her, Janet Mock spoke about the importance of intersectionality, Alicia Keys reminded everyone that women are many things. Those are the speeches that should have been broadcast, those are the ones fox news convientley left out. I have been critical of the march for leaving out the pro life women,and for focusing so much on privilege. However, it was those speeches that these woman made that made up for it. Van Jones CNN commentator gave a speech were he said liberals need to be better,and stop hating on people who think differently than you. This changes the game. It is no longer about being controversial at political events anymore, it is about stating your position,and why you care that these celebrities need to approach situations from now on. Let us hope next year the speakers do not repeat what Ashley,and Madonna did,but more Van Jones,and Scarlett Johannssen.


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