Why We Need More Romantic Comedys like Waiting To Exhale

Image result for waiting to exhale

Waiting to Exhale it is an iconic movie according to Black Hollywood. It tells the story of four successful black women who are going through some tough times. One is getting a divorced,one is sleeping with a married man,one keeps entertaining a sorry ass man,and the other is having problems with her teenage son. Those are all issues that not only black women can relate to,but all women can relate to. It is actually one of my favorite movies,and it has one of the best soundtracks ever. When it was released it was an instant success as the film has A list talent such as Whitney Houston,Angela Bassat,Wesley Snipes,and it was directed by Forrest Whitaker. Nowadays some people make fun of the movie,or dismiss it as a bunch of women sitting around talking about men. I think that is because the culture,and landscape has changed greatly since this movie was released twenty years ago. However,we need more movies like this again. This movie was successful cause it showed black and non black people that we all have the same problems regardless of where we come from. This movie also was not like other gangbang movies of the nineties such as Menace II Society,or Poetic Justice which were good movies,but they were not the only depiction of black life. This movie showed a group of women coming to terms with themselves,their relationships,and their future. It showed them making mistakes,correcting them all while smoking weed,and burning up their ex husband clothes.At the end these women while they have not figured it all out just yet,they have put themselves on a path to correcting it. In today’s media were every women is criminalized with the word thot for liking to have sex,or openly discussing sex these women were not virgins,and there was even a scene where they discussed the size of dicks,but these women were not criticized for it. We need more movies to counter the other movies were the word ho is dropped constantly. That is why I hope a Waiting to Exhale sequel is in the works. So we can all Exhale!


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