The Grammys: Music Biggest Night

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Sunday is the biggest day for people in the music industry. It is the Grammy Awards!!! It is the day that every pop,rap,r&b,country,rock,gospel,and jazz artist will be competing for the gold gramaphone trophy. It is the day where people can dance,learn,and finally see if there favorite artist takes home the award. However,this years Grammy may be a little different. First this political climate has creeped into the entertainment industry. I am worried that many of the acceptence speeches will become to political,or to divisive,or worse to alienating. It is ok to be political,and be in the music industry,however,let the music speak for itself,and drop subtle hints like Lady Gaga did at the super bowl. It really pissed me off when I heard Kanye West,Justin Bieber,and Frank Ocean say they were boycotting the Grammys cause they feel young artist are not recognized. BULLSHIT! Popular and new rappers such as Chance the Rapper,Lil Yachty,and Desiigner have been nominated. There are plenty of young people nominated from The Chain smokers to Tory Lanz. Maybe if some of these rappers would stop mumbling and open they damn mouths to speak and speak about something other than sex and drugs maybe they to would get nominated. Also maybe if some of these singers would sing on key and without a machine they would be nominated to. I call bullshit on this whole entire thing! Justin just does not want to go because Selena Gomez gone be on The Weekends arm, Frank ocean who I actually love did not submit his album so he could be nominated anyways,and Kanye just has lost his fucking mind. his is not the MTV VMAS this is the GRAMMYS. It is not a popularity contest! Which brings me to my next point. There has been this built up rivalry with Beyonce,and Adele who both lead the pack with allot of nominations. They are both up for the coveted Record of the Year!!! Whoever wins I say congrats,and I am sorry cause fan bases have gone completely crazy. This is nothing new to the Grammys. There have been many instances of fans getting bent all out of shape when there favorite artist does not win!!!! However, with social media being as vehemence and petty as it is I pity who will be receiving abuse if they some how win! I am hopeful for this years show tho! I hope that Prince,George Michael,and all the other great singers we have lost in the past year are greatly remembered and remind us they represent a time when the only thing that spoke was a hot mic. I also cannot wait to see the red carpet,and hear what the artist plans are for the show. I have my doubts about this years show,and what the music industry has become,however, I am still a music lover,and I love fashion,dancing,and a good controversy. So I will be running in to say Hello as we get in Formation to watch the Greatest Show on Earth.


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