Chadwick Moore and The Gay Republicans

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Over the weekend I was drawn to an interesting article by the New York Times. It was an article by Out Magazine writer Chadwick Moore,and his coming out as a conservative. He states that he became a conservative when he wrote a fair and balanced article about the controversial gay provocateur Milo Yiannapolus. He was immediately chastised for giving Milo a platofrm,and he has proclaimed that he has lost friends,and he sees the left as nothing more than bullies who live in their own echo chambers. This is exactly what I feared was going to happen. The LGBT left has become so authoritarian that it has alienated,and even led to the conversion of some liberals. Mr Moore’s story went viral,and him and Dave Rubin a popular YouTuber  who I sometimes enjoy,and who is a die hard supporter of free speech have been all over the media. Both have been on Fox News,and many on the right are applauding them. To make this clear I actually agree with most of what Chadwick Moore says,and what Dave Rubin says. I was very saddened by how Mr. Moores friends acted. I believe in hearing everyone’s ideas fully before I through out the word bigot. If I was in Mr. Moores circle I would still be friends with him,and I would actully encourage respectful debate. That is how ideas come about people!!!!!!!!!  We should embrace all members of the LGBT community if we want to be successful in the future!!!!!


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