Let us discuss Bisexuality ,being a lesbian,and Reality Tv

Image result for rhoa porsha and kandi

For those of you who know me you all know I love reality tv. I especially love me some Real Housewives of Atlanta!!!!! Ever Sunday I love to see the catfights, messy breakups, and the fabulous reunions that come with every housewives franchise. However, there is something about the RHOA franchise that just speaks to me. I think it is seeing successful black women who kind of remind me of myself. However, nothing prepared me for what I witnessed Sunday. Kandi Burgess and Porsha Williams who are two of the most popular cast mates on the hit Bravo show got into a very bad fight about who in hooked up with who, and who was lying about how far the hookup went. Now my thing is this, I would be lying if I was not completely honest when I said I was not entertained. That was one of the most entertaining fights I have ever seen on reality tv in a completely longtime. It had everything that is under the umbrella of drama. However, I was a little disappointed about how being bisexual, or even a lesbian was being used as a weapon when those things are not weapons. In my opinion both Kandi and Porsha are bisexual, and that is ok to be bisexual. in Kandi’s case she has admitted to hooking up with women before, and is very open and ok with the idea of having a sexual relationship with women. In Porsha’s case however it is vastly different. She comes from a more conservative Christian background, and although she has gay friends, and gay coworkers her family would probably not react very good if she disclosed she liked both sides of the fence. This is more evidence to the fact that in the African American community being a l g b or even especially the t is very frowned upon, and is even looked on as something that should be shamed. It also goes to show how the rules for women who are bisexual are very different for men who are bisexual as evident on the daytime show the Real. Some people are bisexual, and that is ok, and some people like to experiment and that also is ok. However, the problem comes when people try to fetishize it, or use it as something to be shamed about. The popular show has had a problem with how they deal with lgbt issues with the exit of popular gay sidekicks like Derrick, and Miss Laurence, and trans model King Amiyah Scott walking away from the show when they wanted her to portray a catty tranny which is something she is not. I still love the show, but I can do without the unnecessary foolishness.


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