Why we need to stop coddling Chris Brown,and address abusive patterns

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Earlier this week Karreche Tran Chris Brown ex girlfriend filed a restraining order against him. She stated that he was stalking,and that he punched her repeatedly in the stomach during their relationship. This is not surprising as Brown has had many issues with women. Ever since he beat up his other famous ex pop star Rihanna,Brown has become the new poster boy for domestic violence.  He also made a snapchat video where he says he stalks his bitches,and that he will never leave his exes alone. So yeah none of this is surprising that there would be a restraining order against him. However, what is more disturbing is that so many of Brown’s fans particularly his female fans have taken up for him,and are accusing Karreche of trying to sabotage his career,and that she just jealous,and bitter. I am so sick and tired of people with that sort of attitude. When a woman decides to stay with an abuser she is an idiot,and deserves to get the shit beat up out of her,and if she decides to leave and sick legal action then she is bitter,and she had it coming. We need to stop doing this. It is very obvious that Chris brown has a problem, I do not know why no one else will see that this young man needs help. He severely does need help!!!. The fact that so many people would come to his defense,when he himself has called woman bitches,hoes,and thots for the majority of his career is baffling.We need to get counseling for some of this young men and sometimes young women who suffer from anger problems. We also have to start paying attention if we notice or suspect that someone is being abused. We have also got to stop this misogynist culture that is creeping back in. Men like Chris Brown,Mike Tyson,and Ike Turner all believed that they owned the women they were dating. They do not,that is not a healthy relationship. We also have to take entertainers to task when they display this behavior. We have to call Rkelly out,and even call Trey Songz out for the whole Keke Palmer situation. I hope Mr Brown gets the help he deserves,however I also hope that Karrechue Tran and all the other woman trapped in an abusive relationship get a happy ending. Last but not least I hope all the people who encourage this behavior,or who are defending Chris Brown all go to hell,cause they are just as responsible for this as Chris Brown.


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