My Thoughts on the Transgender Bathroom Debate

Image result for transgender symbol

Yesterday came the big news that the trump administration was withdrawing protections the Obama administration put in place with the result of an executive order last year. The order would have allowed trans students to use the bathroom,and locker room that line sup with their gender identity. The Trump administration headed by Jeff Sessions rescinded the order saying that it is a states rights issue. This has come at such a bad time,as this administration is battling one scandal,and misstep after the next. This order goes straight in the face of when Trump said that he would be a friend to the LGBT community. It also has contributed to the deep divide in America. People who are for the rescinding of the order are being called bigots,and people who are against are being called pedophile enablers. My thing is this. There are some legitimate concerns such as a pervert using this to hide behind the trans community,and commit crimes. The pro trans people do need to address and work with these people,and not dismiss them. However, on the other hand the trans community is real,and they are not looking to harm anyone. These trans students just want to be treated like everyone else,get a good education,and just be left alone. Some say that the schools could come up with reasonable accommodations. However,some of these accommodations are like the trans student has to leave campus and walk two blocks down to use a single stall bathroom. What kind of accommodation is that.I am hearing stories of trans kids not eating or drinking so they do not use the bathroom. I actual cried yesterday cause I feel like there is a no win situation. The language being used it is really not good especially for the kids. It is teaching kids to be fearful of each other. That trans kids have to be fearful of cis gender kids,or that cis gendered kids have to check under everyone’s pants before going to the bathroom. It also does not help when assholes like to say that no one was going this hard for immigrants rights or blm which is bullshit cause for the past few weeks and at every Hollywood award show people were mentioning the muslim ban,and police shootings including members of the LGBT community were these issues sometimes intersect. I do not know what the answer is,however, I do not believe that all these actions from the white house to the online commentators are helpful. They are downright harmful!!!!



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