My Thoughts on Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma Beef

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Yesterday, I was just minding my own business doing my homework when I saw that Twitter was going off. So I did some investigating and I am just shocked at what i discovered!

Apparently,the female rapper Remy Ma made a diss record called “Sheather” towards the main female rapper on top Nicki Minaj. In the lyrical composition Remy goes in on Nicki making this an official “diss track”.

She insinuates that Nicki has had sex with everyone from Drake, Ebro, and Trey Songz, while not being intimate with her man at the time Meek Mills. She also goes in on how fake Nicki is and even brings up Nicki’s brother who has been arrested for molesting a twelve year old girl.

When I tell you Twitter went off, Twitter went off!!!!! Everyone was waiting for Nicki’s response because in the past Nicki has been known to clap-back. However instead of releasing a diss record of her own, Nicki instead brings up album sales and even posted a clip of Beyonce saying Nicki is the queen of rap. Nicki even goes in on Trey Songz accusing him of saying that he indeed slept with Nicki.

Twitter definitely took notice tho and everyone was quick to point out Nicki did not clap back to Remy Ma with the ferocity that was expected and desired. Nicki has just been dragged and she has only responded with a small little track on “No Frauds” that features a collab with Drake and Lil Wayne. But the track wasn’t nearly as aggressive or as effective as Remy Ma’s diss track. It also sounds like it was made more for radio (poorly made) and that Nicki’s “diss verse” was merely an afterthought.

Really…this is crazy!

In my opinion on this is I like it and I do not like this altercation. I like that Remy Ma brought hip hop back to what it use to be, which was basically ranking on someone and using wit and knowledge on the track. I do not know what is behind this beef between them but whatever it was Remy definitely got all her feelings out. I also liked how Remy was straight forward and did not beat around the bush which is something I feel like puts her up there with the men Once again proving women can be just as vicious, gritty, creative, and rugged as their rap make counterparts.

Nicki should be thankful for this cause truth be told, people have been getting tired of the same ole, same ole. They are tired of her winning every time at the BET Awards for lack luster work and they are tired of her acting smug. Nicki has been getting called out for not being creative and accused several times of using ghost writers for her lyrics. Basically, calling her out to be just one big fake.

Their words not mine Barbs!!!

However, this should be a wake up call to Nicki. I feel like she has gotten so complacent because she has not had any real competition in a pretty long time. I have also noticed her new music while it is little cute, it is not like what it use to be when she could hold her own with Kanye, Eminem, and Jay Z. I like how the competition is back for Nicki and I hope she uses it to go back into the studio and give us something really cringe worthy for Remy Ma. Just to remind us of why she is number one because its getting hard to list reasons especially if there isn’t any competition in the first place. I’m pretty sure that’s called being the default candidate.

What I do not like about this beef is how everyone is applauding Ebro and Trey Songz for supposedly smashing Nicki. If it is true, that is between them. All the slut shaming that has come out of this is not very good, especially when there have been plenty of misogynistic things that have been said from certain male celebrities. I do not know where this is going but as long as it is not violent, I say let these two queens go out the old fashioned way.With a sick beat and some kick ass rhymes!!!


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