Oscars: The night wher Anything can Happen

Image result for oscar nominees 2017

Tonight the Academy Awards,which is the Movie Industries biggest night. It is a day full of red carpets,pretty dresses,sexy men,and dazzling leading ladies,and the day where som eone will take home that tall golden hunk,while the losers smile politiley and wish evil on the winner. However,this Oscar might be little different. In today’s world where Politicis has creeped in to entertainment,it is not a surprise that one or two of these winners are going to make a political speech. It is one of the biggest nights in American pop culture,and a clip of an a Lister bashing the President will be seen all over the news for at least four days. There is also buzz because minorities are in everyone of the acting categories and Viola Davis,and Mahershala Ali will probably win in the best supporting categories. I am so glad the nominees are diverse,and the storytelling is good this year,however, I must say there is something missing from this years Oscars. People are not tuning in to see who is gonna win,or if there is going to be a big upset like they use to. instead people are tuning in to see who gone call out Trump,and racism,sexism,and all the isms in the world. While I agree sometimes those things do I need to be called  out, I understand the people who say they just want to sit,and be entertained for one day to escape all the problems that we as humans have create din the World. I also miss hearing what dresses some of the actresses are going to be wearing. I understand the purpose behind ask her more,however, I do not agree with the guidelines of not asking no one who designed their dress. People do not understand,that that is an industry. Stylist,fashion houses,unknown designers get put on when these women walk down the red carpet,and it also encourages people like me who like this kind of stuff to maybe get in the industry myself. I do not see why the interviews cannot ask who are you wearing,and then ask questions like what was your inspiration,or what would you tell yourself in 10 yrs.  I also do not feel like seeing twitter go after people fr no other reason like they did Jenna bush at the golden Globes for a simple mistake. The internet culture has gotten to dangerous out there. I will be watching because I do want to be on that red carpet with Ryan Seacrest,and Nancy,and Kevin,however, I must say the feeling of excitement,and wonder is not all there for this Oscars.


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