My weird relationship with Christianity

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Yesterday, My mom and I went to Wednesday night lent service at a church called Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. While i was sitting listening to the preacher preach, I was also thinking about my weird relationship with Christianity.

Ever since I was young, I was taught to never question the bible nor the pastor because that is just like questioning God. It was not until I hit eighth grade that I began to question that sentiment. I started questioning the beliefs of my church when i went to Catholic school for middle school. I was told that Catholics were Mary worshiping weirdos. What I found was actually far from the truth.

These people loved Jesus just as any other Christian denomination. They just had a different way of showing it. I also began to question the bible especially when gay marriage and gay rights came up. I have listened to pastors list Sodom and Gomorrah as reasons why gay people should not be allowed to have a place in society.

Upon reading and interpreting things for myself, I began to see that what is being described there is not a gay relationship. What is being described there, is solicitation of sex and rape which are the real crimes these pastors need to be addressing. I have always been in favor of gay rights but I use to feel guilty about it because of what I was hearing.

However, my view is this…John and Bob walking down the aisle and Beth wanting to continue working at her company job if she post a picture of her and her girlfriend on Instagram does in no way corrupt society and endanger the lives of children.

I have also changed my views on other topics such as abortion and having friends who are atheist or of other religions. I am proud to say I am pro-choice and I recognize that not all abortions are the same and that the law does not accurately protect women who have been raped. There have been cases where women have been raped and have gotten pregnant by their rapist. In some cases, the rapists activly seeks parental rights and are given them by the court.

Also, if people in the church would have an open and honest dialogue with teens about sex that does not include abstinence as the only answer, maybe there would not be anymore abortions. My mother always ask me about my friends churches and I do not say anything because I do not just hang out with people who are Christians. I have friends who are Atheist, Buddhist, Muslims, etc. and I do not think because they are not Christian that they have to be evil and I have to shun them.

I hate sitting in church and hearing pastors talk badly about other religions that they have very little knowledge about. They create this “us” vs “them” mentality that has become so popular recently and counterproductive. Now all churches are not like this. Of course, however most churches I have been in are from my personal experience. I do believe in God but I can do without the constant BS that comes from the pulpit. I do question church and the bible, AND I am glad I do. Religion is an idea and therefore it needs to be questioned. God gave us a brain, so let us use it.


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