Emma Watson, Beyonce, and Feminism: Some Things are going to have to change

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It is Women’s History Month. This week however, there is an on going conflict in the feminist movement. Popular Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has landed herself in hot water. Despite working with the UN on women’s issues worldwide and advocating for women’s issues like education in underdeveloped countries, Emma Watson was facing criticism of her platform for this reason…

She posed for a spread in Vanity Fair…topless.

Some women were appalled saying that Emma was a fake feminist and she was the reason why young women felt like they had to show there bodies off. Also, many labeled her a hypocrite when people strategically took parts of an interview where it seemed like she was criticizing Beyonce for being sexual on her 2013 self titled album.

Now my thoughts on this whole situation is this…this is BULLL SHITTTT!!!!!! Feminism is about what makes women happy and equal to their male counterparts in all areas of human rights. Emma Watson posing in one photograph nude is her choice and her body which is ultimately what women today I fighting for.

I find it funny that all these people that are mad about this and are self proclaimed “feminists” are the same ones who like to call women hoes and try to slut shame other women.

These women give feminism and feminists a bad name. They are fake feminists who enjoy bringing down other people who are successful. Or they really are just ignorant to the whole definition, values, and foundations of the feminist movement.

Emma Watson is a college educated young women, who has not fallen through the cracks like other child actors. She works with the UN and advocates for women’s rights worldwide which is something I do not see these fake feminists doing. All these women do is sit and be twitter bullies.

Also, with the whole Beyonce thing…Emma Watson was actually praising Beyonce which she revealed in an interview. The fire-cannon ready Beyonce “beehive” fans took to social media and dragged Watson for her comments before the interview was aired and proved that she was applauding Beyonce for her visual album and pro-feminist stance. I am glad Watson showed the whole interview where she was actually praising Beyonce for her sexual lyrics on her 2013 self titled fifth studio album.

This also speaks to my and others annoyance with the beehive, which are the army of Beyonce super fans. Look, I like Beyonce. However, she is not everyone’s favorite singer. It is ok and acceptable to not like Beyonce and to question some of her moves. I do not like when the beehive comes after people for stating there god-given right opinion. I especially hate it when people do not get the story right and just push through anyway with their disgusting behavior.

It is Women’s History Month and it is a horrible way to start out. Instead of bullshit like this, why don’t we talk about issues that really effect women like human trafficking, domestic violence, women’s reproductive rights, and low self esteem. I am so over this twitter culture that likes to start beefs and attack people for no logical reason at all.

Do Better PLZ!!!!!!!!


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